Risa7c KsIsoArchiver Instructions


About privacy



About privacy

No information is collected by this software.

This software may communicate over the Internet for updates.
Still, there is no information to send.


We started using cloud drive.

It has a capacity of 1Tb, which is larger than the disk capacity of a personal computer, and is very useful.

However, if you select multiple files when downloading, they will be compressed into Zip files before being downloaded.

Naturally, you can't refer to it unless you unzip it.

Therefore, I archived multiple files into an Iso file and then uploaded it.

At the time of download, you only need to download one file, and if you are using Windows, you can browse by double-clicking.

This software archives to an Iso file when you drag a folder.

There was a request to make it a Zip file by all means, and I also added a function to archive to a Zip file with 2 ways of Windows standard function and 7Zip function.

The password function realized by the 7Zip function cannot be restored because the standard Windows function does not support AES256.

"It's a pain in the" to enter the encryption password (key) every time  then A function to output password (key) to a file has been added.
Please be careful when storing.

Please be careful when storing the key.

Thank you very much.

■ Instructions


Setting screen

Preferences screen

Tools tab

Password entry

Keyboard shortcuts

About updates


"KsIsoArchiver" is software that archives folders into Iso files when you drag them.

It is convenient for the cloud.

■ Setting screen

● Set by drop
Drop the desired folder (file) in "Drop folder (file) here".

● Create button
Start archiving by pressing the create button.

● Eject all drives button
Unmount all mounted Iso files.

If there is an update in the upper left, it will be displayed.
When you finish, you will receive an update message, so please update.

■ Preferences screen

● Create by dragging and dropping.
Create by dragging and dropping. (Default: On)
The create button is not available.

● "Check update" button
Check for updates. (Default: On)

●The update will be installed automatically when finished.
The update will be installed automatically when finished. (Default: On)

● File format type
◎ ISO file (Recommend)
◎ Zip file (Windows)
◎ 7-Zip path
Please set the 7-Zip path.
  ●"Browse 7-Zip Path" Button
  A file selection dialog will be launched.
  Select the 7-Zip executable file.
  ●"Set default" Button
  "C:\Program Files\7-Zip\7z.exe" will be set.

The following can only be selected if 7-Zip is installed and the path is set correctly.
◎ Zip file use 7-Zip
◎ AES256 Encrypted Zip file use 7-Zip *
◎ 7z file use 7-Zip
◎ AES256 Encrypted 7z file use 7-Zip
* The AES256 encrypted Zip file is not supported by standard Windows features.

● Notification when enter a different password than last time.
● Create an ISO file in another way.
    (If there is no problem, don't check it.)

■ Tools tab

● "Create key file" button
Randomly create a password, display it, and output it to a file.
The file is encrypted so that it is not visible at first glance, but it is decipherable, so be careful when storing it.

● "Create log file as zip file." button
Output the log file in ZIP file format.
■ Password entry

Create a password of 99 characters or less. Double-byte characters cannot be used.
By dropping the "key file", you can select and enter the encryption key file created by the "key file creation button".

■Keyboard shortcuts
Quit: Ctrl + Shift + Q

■ About updates
If there is an update, a confirmation dialog will be displayed at the finished.

■ Note

7-Zip is a file archiver with a high compression ratio.



Please check with 7-Zip for the license of 7-Zip.

This software only starts 7-Zip with a command.

●Revision history


There is no change in functionality.

Change URL of update file.

Thank you